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Interests and Vision 1985 while on an assignment. 1985 while on an assignment. Background The Kennedy Center, The Washington Monument & The Potomac River
Amr Mounib is a photographer whose work ranges from photojournalism to fashion.  His primary interest lies in the interaction of light with subject matter, his primary focus, the spatial relationship between man-made and natural objects.  Mounib uses juxtaposition to create a language of shapes and movement, contrasting the fluid nature of natural forms with the geometry of man-made objects, and defining space with light and shadow.His compositions challenge the viewer to discover with him that light, growth, physics, change the nature of an object moment by moment, and that a moment never repeats. This sense of movement lends a sense of drama even to Mounib’s still life studies. As one longtime friend notes, “in Amr’s work, there’s always a hint of something happening.”  Earned a degree in Communications and Visual Media.


  • Veteran of U.S. Navy, both active and reserve 
  • Earned a B.A. in Communication: Visual Media. Washington, DC
  • Studied under Mr.Foli Elia, Photographer/Art Director for ELLE Magazine, Paris, France (1987-1991) 
  • Mentored adied under celebrated Photographer Gene Fenn , Paris, France (1987 -1991)
  • Served as assistant to President Reagan's personal photographer, Mr. Michael Evans assisted and coordinating photography assignments for local and national news the President's Cabinet officials (1984 -1985)




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